Put simply, the concept of skilled labour hire is made up of an arrangement between three parties regarding labour – that is, between an employee, an employer, and a recruitment hire company. Typically acting as a third party, the recruitment consultant provides the employer and their business with any number of outsourced workers. These labourers can be employed on either a short term or temporary contract as well as on a more permanent and long-term basis. Typically referred to as on hired employees, contractors, or temps, the skilled labourers provided by a recruitment agency remain employees of the agency themselves and not the employer – this is despite the fact that they will be working for the employers’ organisation.

This final point is of great significance – especially when it comes to reasons why your business might need the expert help of highly qualified recruitment consultants. The entire range of employer obligations – entitlements such as remuneration and workplace benefits for employees – remain with and are to be covered by the labour hire company themselves. The benefits afforded to you are innumerable: what this essentially means for your business is that – with the help of a recruitment agency – a whole host of recruitment costs are quickly and efficiently taken care of.

Thanks to their expert hire services, skilled labour hire agencies in Melbourne can help your business greatly reduce the time it takes to hire new employees, in addition to cutting down on the wide range of associated recruitment costs. Workers provided by these companies have already worked for other similar companies within your industry, effectively bringing with them a wealth of experience acquired over many years. The new and unique approaches they bring to your organisation could be precisely what your business needs in order to take it to the next level.

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