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The business models have experienced a drastic change all across the globe and the credit goes to the rapid evolution of technology, the shifting priorities of today’s workforce and an increasingly competitive talent that is being demanded by the respective industries.

Hence, in order to match the changing patterns, many companies in Victoria are now shifting to a more flexible workforce model. So, what we actually mean by a flexible workforce? Let’s find out!

What is a Flexible Workforce?

An increasing number of people are now shifting towards self-employment from traditional jobs.  This type of workforce typically includes a mix of:

  • Part-time employees
  • Freelancers
  • Contingent workers
  • Independent contractors

Mostly, the work is seasonal, project-based or contracted and is most often done remotely.

The flexibility of the workforce varies in terms of the workplace, business size and objectives as the goals and working style will differ from company to company. Flexible work is capable of:

  • Enabling businesses to be sustainable and adaptable to change
  • Providing a pathway to gender equality
  • Assisting with talent attraction and retention
  • Improving workplace productivity
  • Enabling effective performance development to drive better business outcomes

Quick Facts about People Who Want Flexible Jobs

The majority of flexible job seekers are well educated and are known to have previous flexible work experience. They are also keen for flexible scheduling, part-time schedules as well as freelance contracts.

Already Flexing: These are people who have been into telecommuting earlier, either part-time or even full-time.

Educated: Most of them are educated, holding a graduate degree or at least a college degree.

Experienced: Majority of the flexible workers are mid or manager-level professionals.

Looking at this, it can be clearly seen that hiring a flexible worker is definitely a profitable deal for a business as they will be able to justify their role, delivering the results as desired by the company.

Looking at this, it can be clearly seen that hiring a flexible worker is definitely a profitable deal for a business as they will be able to justify their role, delivering the results as desired by the company.

Why Should You Hire Flexible Workers?

Flexibility is one of the strong reasons for making the company, a desirable place to work in! But, the benefits don’t end there. Apart from cost savings, increased retention and reduced turnover, there are several other reasons for hiring flexible workers:

1. The Flexible Workforce is Growing

Workplace flexibility is a trend that is gaining popularity these days. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017 showed a decrease in full-time employment by 21,200 in Australia while people in part-time employment increased by 122,000.

While there is an upward trend estimate in the monthly hours worked in all jobs, the hours worked by part-time workers was larger than the hours worked by the full-time workers.

This data clearly states the rise of the flexible and skilled labour workforce in Australia.

2. Flexible Workers are More Productive

The flexible workers have their own liberty of taking up the projects. So, whenever they feel they intend to take up the task, they are fully charged up to give their best. This, in turn, makes them more productive and enables them to deliver the results successfully within the stipulated time limit.

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the flexible workforce has contributed to the increased work by 1.2 million hours in February 2017.

3. Flexible Workers are Happier

It has been proved from countless studies that employee satisfaction soars when workers stretch their wings beyond the office. The working parents have experienced the difference in their work-life balance when they got a chance to work remotely.  This flexibility ultimately reduced the physical stress, psychological distress, and burnout that increased their job satisfaction and lowered the rates of workplace turnover as a whole.

4. Flexibility is better for Diversity

Providing flexible work opportunities allow companies to fit into a diverse workforce labour hire in Melbourne. Companies can even benefit and improve their rankings by hiring people with disabilities, veterans, former retirees who wish to get back to work and other groups who have traditionally been left out of the workplace.

If noted, flexibility allows talented women to stay in the workforce even after having children. This ultimately helps the companies to close the gender gap and look forward to the diverse environment.

5. Flexibility is the Most Desired Perk

Flexibility is the perk that today’s workers desire the most. After all, who doesn’t want to work as per their own convenience! The full-time jobs demand a very tight routine with deadlines that you need to abide by, at any cost. This is not the case when it comes to the flexible workforce as they have the liberty to work as per their feasibility. Isn’t it a great perk desired by every employee?

6. Flexibility Yields Long-term Return on Investment

A flexible workforce model allows businesses to explore a diverse range of talent as it promotes multi-generational support. There will be some who are looking ahead for reduced hours, others who are keen on experimenting their skills and knowledge and the third segment involving those who are looking for a work-life balance. So, the company gets benefitted to incorporate the mixture of these talents in attaining better results.

In addition, offering flexibility in the workplace is one way through which you can build morale and improve retention. A high-trust culture is proven to improve the overall performance of the business.

7. Flexibility is the Upcoming Trend

In a study by Ernst & Young, it has been said that a lack of flexibility was stated as a top reason behind most of the people quitting their jobs. The flexible work revolution is going to happen soon in the near future, in fact; it has already started up to a great extent. So, without taking it as a negative change, the companies must support the flexibility trend if they want to retain the dynamic workers of their team.

The Future of Work

The flexible workers are the fastest-growing segment of the labour solutions. Companies that are proactive in this change will be able to attract top talent, promote innovation, develop cohesive teams and build a sustainable model for the future.

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